Each church is different, and you may have a few questions about ours. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. If you have any other questions, please contact us and let us know.


What should I wear?

 The dress is mostly business casual. You will see some suits, but mostly polos and slacks or jeans.


What kind of music?

Our music style is blended. We enjoy a mix of modern worship songs and classic hymns.  We are currently looking for those with musical talent.  If you are or know someone feel free to let us know. 


What kind of preaching?

The preaching is mostly expositional, which means we try to preach through a book of the Bible explaining what each passage teaches. Although occasionally, other sermon types are mixed in as needed. 


Do we have a Childrens ministry?

We do! In fact, we have a description on our ministries page.  Since we are still growing this ministry, we need you to come join in.